Tax Planning

Tax Planning is our favorite most rewarding part of working with clients. The reason is we make clients aware of opportunities available and then establish a game plan to help achieve the results. For most of our business clients the savings is estimated at roughly $18,733 a year but we have saved clients much more (highest savings we achieved was $452,000 for a single client). We usually have clients book a free 15-minute consultation to see if this a desired product and then we lay out the steps with the client from there.

A lot of the planning tips we show clients don’t cost clients any extra money just a little time on their end, but the results are very impactful and once a client has the basic tools they have them for life and will continually save money year after year.

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Tax Preparation

Our Tax Preparation division works on over 2000 returns a year with a little over half of that centered around individual returns which range from single W2’s to individuals with various 1099’s, K1’s, rentals, fiscal year ending partnerships, etc. in multiple states.

A question we get all the time is can we file in a certain state, the answer is Yes, we can file a return in every state.

The other part of our Tax Preparation division focuses on business returns (1065’s, 1120S, 1120C, 1120H). We work with business owners and their accountants in ensuring that the returns are processed in the correct way with owners obtaining all available credits and deductions that are available to them along with getting year end correcting entries to ensure the return lines up with their books at year end.

We like to move fast and be responsive during the tax preparation process while also helping you understand how your tax liability was created and forward-looking calculations.

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Our accounting division takes the pain/pressure of doing books out of the hands of many small business owners. We handle the books of many businesses with the assurance that the books are accurate, and reports delivered to owners at certain time frames. The goal of this division is to basically take the accounting functions away from you thus allowing you to focus on other facets of the business. For all our books we use the SIMPLE accounting process which creates easier to read financials enabling you to make better decisions.

We even have a CFO division with an accounting rep solely dedicated to a client that does not help ensures accuracy in the basic accounting functions but a more concentrated focus on helping the business grow and make the owners more money with various add-ons (job costing, simple #’s, cost studies and setups, cash flow analysis, etc.). We offer training with this as lots of firms have accountants in place they just need some guidance or what we have done for a few clients is become their CFO and run their entire accounting divisions.

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